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  • INDIA इंडिया
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  • DROPSHIPPING ड्रॉपशिप्पिंग
FAQHere you can find the most frequently asked questions we get...
If you have further questions you can always contact us via email or through our contact us page page right here

Simple definition, you create a website like Amazon, Flipkart and we become your seller on that.
You will have to do marketing when ever you receive order. We will ship it.

* We are the lowest in the terms of fees, which means with very low investment, you can start your drop-shipping business. As low as Rs 1999 our fees other investment of around Rs 2500 (Domain and hosting)

We suggest you to buy Domain from GoDaddy starting at Rs 99.
Hosting you can do with Shopify, their hosting fees is $29 per month. Which is around Rs 2200

Our Fees which is Rs 1999. Hosting on Shopify : $29 per month, Domain Cost Rs 99
So total around Rs 6000.

* Whenever there is a product sold on any market place like amazon, flipkart and so on, the cost involved is more than 75% when product price is less than Rs 500.
* Here is you have an opportunity to pass maximum of 75% to customer as discount so that customer finds you competative.

While creating your shopify store, our developers have make sure you get lots of organic reach.
The store created is responsive. And you can link Facebook ads easily, We will share good facebook marketing videos with you time to time.

Please refer to our pricing plan, we bet we are the lowest in the industry with the range of products we have.

Right time is now because
in 48 hours we will create your website.
* After that you can start promoting your website.
* During the lockdown you have sufficient time to market your own website.
* During the lockdown people will spend more time on your website and you will get maximum visibility.
* You can learn Facebook or Google ads and implement it on your website.
* As of now our fees is Rs 1999 later on it may increase upto Rs 20,000 as actual fees of this program is Rs 20,000.

We use various shipping partners and as per the pin code shipping fees is given. However you can always your own shipping vendor.

When you receive a order on your website. We ship the order. But in the package we no where mention about our site. So you customer will always remain your own customer.

No, we charge you our annual Fees of Rs 1999. And hosting fees and domain fees which you pay to Shopify and GoDaddy respectively .

We will do dropshipping of only orders which you receive on your Shopify Store. This plan does not include you receive orders on Amazon or any other market place.